Thank you for visiting 2 By 2 Wildlife Art, home to the highly detailed artwork of artist, Karen E. Phillips. We will keep it updated regularly, so don't forget to keep checking back for the latest news and artwork.

A Passion for Wildlife and Conservation

Wildlife Conservation Through Art
If you make the decision to offer a home to an original artwork or a print, you will be helping to conserve Wildlife. Where stated, a percentage of sales will be donated to any one of a number of Wildlife conservation groups. The organisations supported can be found on the Links page.

The Drawing Board
A page linking to videos shown via You Tube, of the creation of some of the artwork.

Artwork Inspiration
A page on which you will find the stories behind the creation of various art pieces.

Suggestions and/or Feedback
If there's anything you would like to ask or suggestions for future artwork etc, please feel free to contact us by email or leave us a comment.

You can also join the 2 By 2 Wildlife Art facebook page for updates of new artwork and occasional competitions, freebies and special offers.

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