Pencil Art 
Welcome to my Black and White gallery.
All the artwork shown in this gallery is created using graphite pencil. Please click on any image to enlarge it and get further information on the subject and availability of originals and prints.
Where stated, a percentage from each sale will be donated to a corresponding Wildlife organisation.

Three of a Kind

Mud Packed Rhino

Cheetah and Cub

Rhino Profile

Wait for Me

Juvenile Hyena

Snow Leopard Gaze

Lean on Me

Gorilla Infant

Zebra Foal

Up and Over Part II

Up and Over Part I


Behind Sight is a Wonderful Thing - Cheetah

Elephant Close Up

Mother and Calf


Snow Leopard

Close Encounter

I'll Just Wait Here

Sleeping Leopard

Windows to the Soul

Cheetah Snarl


Mother and Calf II

Tiger Portrait

The Sentinel

Tembo Tango

Watching You