About the Artist

To produce my detailed original artwork I like to combine three of my interests; travel, animals and photography. In doing so I create my ultimate passion - Wildlife Art. I am self-taught and based in Surrey, England.

My interest in animals started early and I was taken to see them in many zoos and wildlife parks. I spent far too many hours watching wildlife on tv and had endless animal books. I often wondered what it would be like to see wildlife in itís own habitat for myself. It wasn't until I had a rather nasty accident a few years ago that I decided it was not only possible but time to actually do something about it!

I choose to work mainly in graphite, occasionally dipping into colour pastel or pencil. I feel graphite allows me to create the detail, depth and whole range of textures I work towards achieving. I create my art with a passion. I always start with the eyes, the Ďbehind sightí series being an exception (see them in the galleries), in the hope of creating the most realistic and emotive artwork I can.

My aim is to create artwork that not only transports me back to where I saw the subject but to take the viewer with me and if it conjures up a memory or makes them want to go see for themselves even better. I become lost in my artwork, searching for the tiniest of detail, striving to catch the change of direction of the tiniest hairs, the life in the eyes, the contours and structures. Iíd like my drawings to lead the viewer to believe if they reach out they can feel the texture of the fur or skin. Above all I'd like to think that my drawings help the viewer to see the beauty in all wildlife, even the very misunderstood and enthralling hyena.

I have had a number of successes in competitions and annual exhibitions of various organisations such as the Society of Graphic Fine Art, Wildscape, The BBC Wildlife Artist of the Year, The David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year and the Society of Wildlife Artists. I have had work shown and sold in various counties throughout the UK and my artwork has found itís way into private collections in the USA and Australia. Having donated artwork to various Wildlife Conservation organisations and sanctuaries, such as The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and Elephant Nature Park, I am very keen to add to donations to various Wildlife organisations. These can be found on my Links page.

Away from my art world I have a keen interest in a wide range of music and occasionally grab my guitar to play a few tunes and more recently piano. I live with my partner and we share with 5 cats, 3 dogs, a Brazilian Black and White tarantula, a Salmon Pink Tarantula and 2 Snakes called, Noodle and Dave, all of which are rescues.