Coloured Pencil/Pastel Art 
Welcome to my Colour Gallery.
In this gallery the artwork has been created using either coloured pencil or pastels. Please click on any image to enlarge it and get further information on the subject and availability of originals and prints.
Where stated a donation of 10% from each sale will be made to a corresponding Wildlife organisation.

Seen Anything Yet?

Doing the Do

Golden - Clouded Leopard


Essence of Africa

Lilac Breasted Roller

Pretty Flamingo

Buffalo Stand Off


Lion Stance

Lion Prince

Elephant Textures

Lion King

She Wolf

Red Fox

Hungry Eyes

Ring Tailed Lemur II

Ring Tailed Lemur

Ground Squirrel

Red Panda

Meerkat Lookout

Sunlit Crane

Behind Sight is a Wonderful Thing - Lion Cub
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