Born around 1994, Mintra (meaning fresh young girl) was rescued in February of 2009, after having only known a life of street-begging. Mintra was taken from her mother way too early and was already walking the streets when she was 2 years old. At the age of 4, she was hit by a vehicle and her hips were dislocated, leaving her handicapped. After she recovered she was back on the streets, working in Siam Square, a very busy area of down town Bangkok.
After many calls to ENP from concerned individuals, we were able to rescue Mintra. She was immediately embraced by our herd members and taken in by a group immediately.
She gave birth to Yin Dee in August 2013 and now has her own family group including nannies Malai Tong and Porn Sawan who are landmine victims, as well as the blind gran-nannies Mae Jampaa and Mae Jarunee.

A3 Original Artwork in Graphite on Bristol Board.
Price: 900.00

High quality prints are now available. Size A3.

Price: 75.00

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Elephant Nature Park - Mintra
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